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It helps to get clarification on any potential legal matter. Call us for a free consultation on your personal injury case or your criminal defense. Our attorney has many years of experience, and he can offer you concise advice, recommendations, and legal services in Houston, TX. You can also call or email us to set up a time to come in and meet with us. We'll discuss your case and its merits.

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The Law Offices of Rudy G. Vasquez, PC has been around for more than 17 years in the Houston, TX, area. Our legal services include criminal defense work and pursuing compensation for auto accidents and personal injuries. We have a strong focus on personal injury cases, and we have been involved in many litigations and lawsuits with hundreds of cases. Our attorney has extensive experience in litigation and pre-litigation meetings and offers a wealth of experience with criminal and civil cases.

We are very hands-on in our approach. You deal with our attorney directly, and you can rely on our assistant to take care of paperwork and details. Our attorney, Rudy Vasquez, has handled many cases over the years, and he is licensed to practice in the State of Texas Federal Court, Southern District. His track record includes many successful outcomes.

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When someone else’s neglect has caused you undue pain or suffering, then it is important for you to do something about it. The Law Offices of Rudy G. Vasquez, PC provides you with the legal services in Houston, TX, you need to make sure your voice is heard when you have been wronged. Our attorney and his team work hard for you from the moment you first step into our office until the final verdict has been reached and beyond.

A personal injury can transform your life. From the mental and physical pain you feel to a growing stack of medical bills and the inability to work, you are going to feel the effects of your injury in countless different ways. When the recklessness of someone else causes you an injury that could have, otherwise, been avoided, then it is time to reach out to our law firm. You deserve proper compensation for the suffering you have been through.

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When you hire us as your attorney, our law firm is going to make sure your best interests are put front and center. By doing this, our attorney and legal staff are able to focus on your case and work towards the best possible outcome. While no lawsuit is open and shut, our attorney never stops fighting hard for you, whether he is representing you in a personal injury case or defending you in a criminal defense trial.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our attorney. We provide legal services to clients located throughout the Houston, Texas, area.

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