An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Houston, TX, Stands for You

When you've been injured by another party, it often seems that no one cares. But getting an attorney to act on your behalf is the best move you can make. Our experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX, cares about getting you the compensation you deserve and holding the other party accountable.

At The Law Offices of Rudy G. Vasquez, PC, you are going to find a wealth of support, advice, and guidance. Our firm takes a stand for you in the courtroom and at the negotiating table, so you are protected and your search for justice is kept front and center.

We have dealt with a range of cases from auto accidents to personal injury -- which is one of our main areas of focus. But we also handle criminal defense work for matters both large and small. Over the years, we have been involved in litigation and lawsuits during some of the hundreds of cases we worked on, and we are ready to apply that hard-won knowledge on your behalf. When you contact us, you will see our experience and polished methods in action.

Protect Your Rights

Retaining a civil litigation attorney is the first step in protecting your legal rights as someone who has been injured or wronged by another party. Our primary goal is getting you back to where you were before the tragic event took place. We focus on helping you regain your health, both mental and physical, and getting effective medical treatment no matter what type of injury you have.

We help you find out about your medical condition, whether the problem area is your back, neck, or elsewhere. But it is important that you seek proper medical treatment to ensure that you are okay.

Pursuing Compensation

How much is your health worth? It’s impossible to put a dollar amount on it. With a back injury, for example, no amount of money is going to make you happy, but you still need to take care of yourself. Our personal injury attorney offers strong representation and works to get you a fair settlement. If the case needs to be litigated in court, we fight for you.

Being compensated in court for an injury you sustained through the fault of another is not an undeserved windfall. It’s not a payday as some people may see it. It’s a safeguard, an example of the legal system working to protect you while providing you with the financial support you are eligible for under the law.

Some people may shy away from pursuing what is theirs in the eyes of the courts, but we say that your injuries and slights need to be redressed. You are just as deserving as any client in the area.

Fair Treatment

We make it our mission to ensure you're treated fairly and get a settlement that leaves you as satisfied as possible while feeling secure about your future. In the end, we want assurances that you can live as normal a life as possible. Recovering after an injury is difficult, and we don't want yours to affect you 5, 10, or 20 years down the road. If someone's negligence injured you, the smart move is to hire an experienced attorney to help you be made whole again. Protect your interests; give us a call.

Contact us to learn more about our legal services or to book a consultation. We proudly serve clients in Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.